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    • Activated platelets and platelet-leukocyte aggregates in the equine systemic inflammatory response syndrome 

      Theuerkauf, Kim; Obach-Schröck, Carmen; Staszyk, Carsten; Moritz, Andreas; Roscher, Katja A. (2022)
      In humans, activated platelets contribute to sepsis complications and to multiple organ failure. In our prospective analytical study of cases of the equine systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), we adapted a ...
    • The Equine Gingiva: A Gross Anatomical Evaluation. 

      Steinfort, Saskia; Obach-Schröck, Carmen; Röcken, Michael; Theiss, Felix; Failing, Klaus; Vogelsberg, Jörg; Staszyk, Carsten (2019)
      Equine periodontal disease (ePD) usually starts with food impaction, formation of diastemata, gingival inflammation and formation of periodontal pockets. This process proceeds toward the dentoalveolar space, causing ...