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    • How animals distribute themselves in space: energy landscapes of Antarctic avian predators 

      Masello, Juan F.; Barbosa, Andres; Kato, Akiko; Mattern, Thomas; Medeiros, Renata; Stockdale, Jennifer E.; Kümmel, Marc N.; Bustamante, Paco; Belliure, Josabel; Benzal, Jesús; Colominas-Ciuró, Roger; Menéndez-Blázquez, Javier; Grieß, Sven; Goesmann, Alexander; Symondson, William O. C.; Quillfeldt, Petra (2021)
      Background: Energy landscapes provide an approach to the mechanistic basis of spatial ecology and decision-making in animals. This is based on the quantification of the variation in the energy costs of movements through a ...
    • Population genetic structure and colonisation of the western Antarctic Peninsula by the seabird tick Ixodes uriae 

      McCoy, K.D.; Beis, P.; Barbosa, Andres; Cuervo, J.J.; Fraser, W.R.; González-Solís, J.; Jourdain, E.; Poisbleau, M.; Quillfeldt, Petra; Léger, E.; Dietrich, M. (2012)
      Recent observations on the western Antarctic Peninsula have suggested that changing climatic conditions may be increasing pressure on breeding seabirds due to higher exploitation rates by the tick Ixodes uriae. Using data ...