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    • 20th century precipitation trends in the Yangtze river catchment 

      Becker, Stefan; Gemmer, Marco; Jiang, Tong; Ke, Chanqing (2003)
      The 1990´s Precipitation at 16 stations in the Yangtze River Catchment within the context of 20th century time-series has been analysed. Linear trends, decadal fluctuations, occurrence of extreme years, and inter-annual ...
    • Detection and visualisation of climate trends in China 

      Gemmer, Marco; Becker, Stefan; Jiang, Tong (2003)
      Monthly precipitation and temperature trends of 160 stations in China from 1951-2002 have been analysed and interpolated. The Mann-Kendall trend test was applied to examine the monthly precipitation data. Significant ...