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Development of CRISPR/Cas9-based tools and strains to improve the Sterile Insect Technique in the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata17
Digital Sustainability Education - Potential, Development Trends and Good Practices16
TrendRadar - domänenspezifisches Sprachmodell für Logistik/Mobilität14
Internationale digitale Lehre unter Pandemie-Bedingungen10
Trade-offs among sustainability goals in the Central Asian livestock sector: A research review9
Bureaucratic corruption and market access : the case of smallholder farmers in Nigeria8
Sustainable Development Goals and the livestock sector in Central Asia: A course outline8
Moufang Twin Trees and Z-systems : a step towards the classification of Moufang twin trees7
Data for "The impact of negative mood on eventrelated potentials when viewing pornographic pictures"6
Data for "1,1,2-Ethenetriol: The Enol of Glycolic Acid, a High-Energy Prebiotic Molecule"6