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    • Determination of secondary ion mass spectrometry relative sensitivity factors for polar and non-polar ZnO 

      Laufer, Andreas; Volbers, Niklas; Eisermann, Sebastian; Potzger, Kay; Geburt, Sebastian; Ronning, Carsten; Meyer, Bruno K. (2011)
      Zinc oxide (ZnO) is regarded as a promising material for optoelectronic devices, due to its electronic properties. Solely, the difficulty in obtaining p-type ZnO impedes further progress. In this connection, the identification ...
    • Nitrogen and vacancy clusters in ZnO 

      Tuomisto, Filip; Rauch, Christian; Wagner, Markus R.; Hoffmann, Axel; Eisermann, Sebastian; Meyer, Bruno K.; Kilanski, Lukasz; Tarun, Marianne C.; McCluskey, Matthew D. (2013)
      Understanding the interaction of group V impurities with intrinsic defects in ZnO is important for developing p-type material. We have studied N-doped ZnO thin films and N-doped bulk ZnO crystals, with positron annihilation ...