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    • Diamondoid coating enables disruptive approach for chemical and magnetic imaging with 10nm spatial resolution 

      Ishiwata, Hitoshi; Acremann, Yves; Scholl, Andreas; Rotenberg, Eli; Hellwig, Olav; Dobisz, Elizabeth; Doran, Andrew; Tkachenko, Boryslav A.; Fokin, Andrey A.; Schreiner, Peter R.; Dahl, Jeremy E. P.; Carlson, Robert M. K.; Melosh, Nick; Shen, Zhi-Xun; Ohldag, Hendrik (2012)
      Diamondoids are unique molecular nano-materials with diamond structure and fascinating properties such as negative electron affinity and short electron mean free paths. A thin layer of diamondoids deposited on a cathode ...