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    • Prevalence and genetic diversity of avian haemosporidian parasites in wild bird species of the order Columbiformes. 

      Schumm, Yvonne R; Bakaloudis, Dimitris; Barboutis, Christos; Cecere, Jacopo G; Eraud, Cyril; Fischer, Dominik; Hering, Jens; Hillerich, Klaus; Lormée, Hervé; Mader, Viktoria; Masello, Juan F; Metzger, Benjamin; Rocha, Gregorio; Spina, Fernando; Quillfeldt, Petra (2021-04-01)
      Diseases can play a role in species decline. Among them, haemosporidian parasites, vector-transmitted protozoan parasites, are known to constitute a risk for different avian species. However, the magnitude of haemosporidian ...