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    • Electrochemical activation of molecular nitrogen at the Ir/YSZ interface 

      Valov, Ilia; Luerssen, Björn; Mutoro, Eva; Gregoratti, Luca; De Souza, Rogar A.; Bredow, Thomas; Günther, Sebastian; Barinov, Alexei; Dudin, Pacel; Martin, Mandred; Janek, Jürgen (2011)
      Nitrogen is often used as an inert background atmosphere in solid state studies of electrode and reaction kinetics, of solid state studies of transport phenomena, and in applications e.g. solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), ...
    • An EMF cell with a nitrogen solid electrolyte-on the transference of nitrogen ions in yttria-stabilized zirconia 

      Lee, Doh-Kwon; Fischer, Claus C.; Valov, Ilia; Reinacher, Jochen; Stork, Alexandra; Lerch, Martin; Janek, Jürgen (2011)
      The mobility and electrochemical activity of nitrogen inside and/or at the surface of ionic compounds is of fundamental, as well as of possibly practical, relevance. In order to better understand the role of nitrogen anions ...