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    • Distribution patterns predict individual specialization in the diet of dolphin gulls 

      Masello, Juan F.; Wikelski, Martin; Voigt, Christian C.; Quillfeldt, Petra (2013)
      Many animals show some degree of individual specialization in foraging strategies and diet. This has profound ecological and evolutionary implications. For example, populations containing diverse individual foraging ...
    • Diving seabirds share foraging space and time within and among species 

      Masello, Juan F.; Mundry, Roger; Poisbleau, Maud; Demongin, Laurent; Voigt, Christian C.; Wikelski, Martin; Quillfeldt, Petra (2010)
      Ecological theory predicts that animals with similar foraging strategies should not be able to coexist without segregating either in space, time or diet. In communities, intra-specific competition is thought to be more ...
    • Plasticity versus repeatability in seabird migratory behaviour 

      Quillfeldt, Petra; Voigt, Christian C.; Masello, Juan F. (2010)
      Pelagic seabird populations can use several discrete wintering areas, but it is unknown if individuals use the same wintering area year after year. This would have consequences for their population genetic structure and ...