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    • On the current psychotherapeutic situation for persons with pornography use disorder in Germany 

      Markert, Charlotte; Storz, Florian; Golder, Sarah; Rechmann, Johanna; Rubel, Julian A.; Lalk, Christopher; Vogt, Rabea; Glombiewski, Julia A.; Braun, David; Pané-Farré, Christiane A.; Michael, Tanja; Mattheus, Hannah K.; Dominick, Nanne; Wölfling, Klaus; Lutz, Wolfgang; Schaffrath, Jana; Stangier, Ulrich; Kananian, Schahryar; Strüwing, Dirk; Klingelhöfer, Doerthe; Valbert, Frederik; Neumann, Anja; Walter, Bertram; Stark, Rudolf (2023)
      Background and aims: For the first time, the ICD-11 provides the diagnosis compulsive sexual behavior disorder (CSBD) that can be assigned for pornography use disorder (PUD). This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of ...