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dc.contributor.authorAnders, Sven
dc.description.abstractDue to increasing concentration and a rapidly changing competitive environment in many food markets, it can be expected that farmers and processors suffer from the exertion of retail market power. This might the case in particular on those regional markets where small-scaled marketing structures dominate. Given this background, it is he aim of this paper to explicitly analyse the simultaneous exertion of retailers´ market power in the regional output and input markets of a segment of the German meat market. Based on the production-theory approach proposed by Gohin and Guyomard (2000) the model parameterizes the retail industry´s oligopoly and oligopsony equilibria. Standard market power measures like Lerner indexes are computed and selected elasticities of factor supply and industry demand are provided. Results suggest that the hypothesis of perfect competition and price-taking behaviour clearly has to be rejected. However, estimates of conjectural elasticities indicate retailers´ upstream and downstream market power in regional meat marketing is limited.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesAgrarökonomische Diskussionsbeiträge; 76
dc.rightsIn Copyright*
dc.subjectfood retailingen
dc.subjectmeat marketingen
dc.subjectconjectural variationen
dc.titleMeasuring Market Power in German Food Retailing : regional evidenceen
local.affiliationFB 09 - Agrarwissenschaften, Ökotrophologie und Umweltmanagementde_DE
local.opus.instituteInstitut für Agrarpolitik und Marktforschung, Professur für Marktlehre der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaftde_DE
local.opus.fachgebietAgrarwissenschaften, Ökotrophologie und Umweltmanagement fachübergreifendde_DE

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