Dataset Russian Booktube collected Aug-Oct. 2021


The data set was created in August-October 2021 as part of a research project on Russian Booktube. Research results will be published in the 14th issue of the peer-reviewed Apparatus Journal (2022:14) in Russian. Data on videos were collected with youtube-dl (development status August 2021). Only officially, public-accessed data were collected.

Before collection, video channels were selected through field observation and qualitative and quantitative evaluation of relevant tags. The data for each video from these channels was downloaded in three phases: on 08/23/21, 09/14/21, and 10/07/21.

The files EHAMIDY_RUSBOOKTUBE_WITH CLASSIFICATION.xlsx (31,5 MB) and EHAMIDY_RUSBOOKTUBE_WITH CLASSIFICATION.csv (93,1 MB) contain basic video information downloaded on 08/23/21, and information about views downloaded on 09/14/21 and 10/07/21.

In addition, the files contain a classification of the videos by titles and tags. Two visualizations are published within the dataset: the visualization of the dataset as an interactive table (EHAMIDY_Booktube_dataset_interactive_table.html) and an interactive graph (EHAMIDY_Booktube_genres.html) showing the number of videos by date and category.

Because both excel- and csv-files are large and contain Cyrillic letters they may cause errors if you open them in Excel. In Python, e.g. in Jupyter Notebooks they work perfectly.




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