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dc.contributor.authorHauch, Valerie
dc.contributor.authorBlandón-Gitlin, Iris
dc.contributor.authorMasip, Jaume
dc.contributor.authorSporer, Siegfried L.
dc.description.abstractThis meta-analysis investigates linguistic cues to deception and whether these cues can be detected with computer programs. We integrated operational definitions for 79 cues from 44 studies where software had been used to identify linguistic deception cues. These cues were allocated to six research questions. As expected, the meta-analyses demonstrated that, relative to truth-tellers, liars experienced greater cognitive load, expressed more negative emotions, distanced themselves more from events, expressed fewer sensory perceptual words, and referred less often to cognitive processes. However, liars were not more uncertain than truth-tellers. These effects were moderated by event type, involvement, emotional valence, intensity of interaction, motivation, and other moderators. Although the overall effect size was small, theorydriven predictions for certain cues received support. These findings not only further our knowledge about the usefulness of linguistic cues to detect deception with computers in applied settings but also elucidate the relationship between language and deception.en
dc.rightsIn Copyright*
dc.subjectdetection of deceptionen
dc.subjectlinguistic cuesen
dc.subjectcomputer programen
dc.titleAre computers effective lie detectors? : a meta-analysis of linguistic cues todeceptionen
local.affiliationFB 06 - Psychologie und Sportwissenschaftde_DE
local.commentDieser Beitrag ist mit Zustimmung des Rechteinhabers aufgrund einer (DFG geförderten) Allianz- bzw. Nationallizenz frei zugänglich. This publication is with permission of the rights owner freely accessible due to an Alliance licence and a national licence (funded by the DFG, German Research Foundation) respectively.
local.opus.instituteFachgebiet Psychologiede_DE
local.source.freetextPersonality and Social Psychology Review 19(4): 307-342, DOI: 10.1177/1088868314556539de_DE

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