DoMoS - an open-source device for automated monitoring of endangered garden dormice (Eliomys quercinus)


Obtaining biological and behavioural data on wild animals in the field remains a challenging task. Data collection is either very labour-intensive or sometimes even proves impossible without special technical devices. This is especially true for small nocturnal mammals like the endangered garden dormouse (Eliomys quercinus). Here, we present a new device for automated small mammal monitoring, called DoMoS (Dormouse Monitoring System). It integrates the collection of individual hair samples for DNA analysis, a scale to measure body mass, and a camera trap to monitor activity. During a first field test with garden dormice, data on body mass and activity patterns and hair samples have been successfully collected. The system was designed as an open-source project and can thus be replicated and adjusted to other species’ monitoring needs and research questions. The DoMoS enables the study of various data, including the collection of DNA samples, without capturing the target species. Automatic data collection reduces stress for animals and researchers.




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European journal of wildlife research 68 (2022), 63




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