Mud2 functions in transcription by recruiting the Prp19 and TREX complexes to transcribed genes


The different steps of gene expression are intimately linked to coordinate and regulate this complex process. During transcription, numerous RNA-binding proteins are already loaded onto the nascent mRNA and package the mRNA into a messenger ribonucleoprotein particle (mRNP). These RNA-binding proteins are often also involved in other steps of gene expression than mRNA packaging. For example, TREX functions in transcription, mRNP packaging and nuclear mRNA export. Previously, we showed that the Prp19 splicing complex (Prp19C) is needed for efficient transcription as well as TREX occupancy at transcribed genes. Here, we show that the splicing factor Mud2 interacts with Prp19C and is needed for Prp19C occupancy at transcribed genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Interestingly, Mud2 is not only recruited to intron-containing but also to intronless genes indicating a role in transcription. Indeed, we show for the first time that Mud2 functions in transcription. Furthermore, these functions of Mud2 are likely evolutionarily conserved as Mud2 is also recruited to an intronless gene and interacts with Prp19C in Drosophila melanogaster. Taken together, we classify Mud2 as a novel transcription factor that is necessary for the recruitment of mRNA-binding proteins to the transcription machinery. Thus, Mud2 is a multifunctional protein important for transcription, splicing and most likely also mRNP packaging.




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Nucleic Acids Research 46(18):9749-9763