Wieder eine Neuerung: Fortschritte in der individuellen Musikproduktion am Beispiel des CD-Brenners

dc.contributor.authorEinbrodt, Ulrich Dieter
dc.description.abstractHas the audio cassette been the medium so far to distribute the musical productions of a homerording musician who is constantly suffering from the low-budget syndrome, he will now be able to stand up to popular standard owing to a new device, installed into his computer. With the help of a CD-recorder now every creative musician will be in the lucky position to offer his works suitable to the media in the widespread format of the compact disk. This is not the case only for the indivudual who works at his computer as a homerecording musician, even bands that have to depend on a convincingly high quality production and are going to submit their demo recordings to potential music promoters, can profit by the new technology. Now the disadvantages of audio cassettes can be forgotten: Finally musicians can always rely on the fact that the songs they like to present will run exactly with the same - and correct - speed everywhere, they never again have to defend a muddy sound of their recordings by azimuth-problems of a maladjusted playback head. As promoters and public relation-departments of record companies are constantly inundated by sound carriers of all possible formats, it should be clear that there is no time to listen to all of the material. A compact disk will have far more chances to be played at all. In addition to the burning process the new media allows further, musically creative processing by means of the CD-burning software. So the arrangement of pauses between tracks or their length should not play an underrated part: Shall the tracks blend without a pause or will the following track be more effective when introduced by a long break? Even subsequent fading as well as intensive filtering are integrated software options for additional processing. It goes without saying that the succession of the tracks is exchangeable and can be adjusted to specific needs. As an extra of the CD-burning software comes the possibility to design covers, booklets and labels to give one´s own productions an individual character. At present, the procedure is not suited for quantity production, as the burning of a blank CD-R medium lasts as long as the real playing time, not to mention all preparing steps. It is, however, sufficient for a small number of copies. According to new innovations in the computing industry, there will be faster devices in a short term after all. Nevertheless, a CD-burner is one of the daily used parts of equipment for creative musicians. The technical innovation has willingly been accepted.en
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dc.titleWieder eine Neuerung: Fortschritte in der individuellen Musikproduktion am Beispiel des CD-Brennersen
dc.title.alternativeInnovations: Advancements is Individual Music Production Illustrated by the CD-Recorderde_DE
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