The (Un-)eventful: a Transdisciplinary Journey


The volume brings together various methods and different approaches to events. Thus, the edited volume does not offer a comprehensive study of ‘important’ empirical events, theoretical conceptualizations of the event, or of different literary forms of narrating event(s). Instead, this book gathers contributions that allow events to unfold in writing practices. The edited volume serves as a laboratory that permits contributors to experiment with not yet fully fledged ideas, risking uncertain outcomes, and encouraging authors both to do what they want to do and to explore how they want to do it. Therefore, the chapters work as sketches that are meant to intrigue the readers and not to convince them systematically. Some of these contributions are to be understood as practices, such as auto-theory, creative writing, or essays, while others represent a collaborative writing experiment, and, in this sense, an event in themselves. These explicitly creative approaches are complemented by theoretical perspectives that engage with conceptual inquiries involving, among others, Derrida and Deleuze, or explore the notion of the event within cultural products, film, and literature. The volume aligns with contemporary trends in embracing epistemological pluralism within academia, since the book brings together different ways of knowing in order to gain new perspectives on objects, questions, and methods, going beyond the strict framework of scientific objectivity. By doing so, the volume positions itself as a contribution to a relevant academia, capable of bridging the gap between specialized discourse and the intellectual public sphere.




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