Brucella suis biovar 1 infection in a dog with orchitis in Germany


In 2021, a case of canine brucellosis diagnosed in a dog with orchitis was presented to a veterinary practice in Germany. Serological testing excluded Brucella (B.) canis as a causative agent, but molecular analysis revealed the presence of B. suis biovar 1. Since biovar 1 is not endemic in Europe and the dog had no history of travel to endemic areas, a comprehensive epidemiological investigation was conducted using whole genome sequence data to determine the source of infection. We describe the clinical progress of the animal and the potential infection of a veterinary clinic employee. The findings highlight the importance of considering less common Brucella species as possible causes of canine brucellosis. The data also emphasize that it is quite challenging to identify Brucella species in a routine diagnostic laboratory and to conduct epidemiological investigations to unveil possible transmission routes.




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Frontiers in veterinary science 10 (2023), 1 - 9, 1233118




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