Legale MP3-Downloads: Musik 2. Klasse oder geniale Anwendung neuer medialer Distributionsmärkte?

dc.contributor.authorEinbrodt, Ulrich Dieter
dc.description.abstractThe innovative MP3-format for audio-files that makes quick transfer possible by compressing the usual wave-material down to one eleventh, gave the internet a new aspect: Legal and illegal downloads of thousands of soundfiles have become a daily procedure. As the illegal ones are a problem for musicians and record companies because of copyrights, the legal files offer new chances: For the first time musicians feel able to distribute their own works quickly, easily and worldwide without spending lots of money for advertising or waiting for a record company contract. The internet-site '' is one of the first and greatest sites to offer these legal mp3-downloads. The article demonstrates how the music is arranged here in musical categories, ranging from easy listening to heavy metal and covering all styles, and how additional information on the musicians is given in order to make search easier. Preview-options allow to listen to files before download and will give help for the decision if the download may be worth it. Many musicians who offer their songs for download offer also CD´s that are selfmade and produced by their own. These media are not available in stores, for the bands and musicians do not have a traditional distribution system. These independent newcomer musicians use the new mp3-media to give legal and free appetizers for the rest of their work, which then can be bought comparatively low-priced. The quality of this music that is still relatively or completely unknown to the public does not differ much from the material we can hear on the radio: There will be songs you like and songs you dislike, ther are many files of suberb and interesting arrangements in all styles. Even music lovers and music sociologists will see the chance: Listening to songs that nobody else has might be a stimulus to search for new talents and sounds.en
dc.rightsIn Copyright*
dc.titleLegale MP3-Downloads: Musik 2. Klasse oder geniale Anwendung neuer medialer Distributionsmärkte?en
dc.title.alternativeLegal MP3-Downloads: Second Class Music or Ingenious Application of New Media Distribution-Markets? The Example MP3.Comde_DE
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local.opus.fachgebietMusikwissenschaft / Musikpädagogikde_DE
local.opus.instituteInstitut für Musikwissenschaftde_DE


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