Rationality, markets, and morals: RMM Band 6 (2015)

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    Richard Swedberg: The Art of Social Theory
    (2015) Tutic, Andreas
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    Hume without Spontaneous Order
    (2015) Salter, John
    The question whether it is possible to be both a Humean and a contractarian arises from the interpretation of Hume as a theorist of spontaneous order, a theory that is usually taken to be incompatible with contractarianism. I argue that this interpretation is unconvincing and anachronistic. The real reason why it is problematic to view Hume as a contractarian is not because he is proponent of spontaneous order, but because he is a virtue-ethicist. I argue that Hume adopted and elaborated on the natural law account of the origins of property as conventional, but provided a different and separate account of the obligation to respect property rights.
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    Do Bankers Have Deviant Moral Attitudes? Negative Results from a Tentative Survey
    (2015) Rusch, Hannes
    Bankers have a reputation for deviating from standard morals. It is an open question, though, if this claim can be substantiated. Here, it is tested directly if bankers respond differently to moral dilemmas. Evaluations of the moral acceptableness of behavioural options in two trolley cases by bankers (n = 23) are compared to those of ordinary people (n = 274). An apparent difference in response behaviour between the groups can be fully explained by a difference in the response behaviour of men and women. When controlling for gender, no differences between bankers and other people remain.